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Learn Three Ways to Blocking a Spam Labeled Webmail Get Gmail Asssistance

Spam mail (Or Junk Email) is Unsolicited Bulk email (UBE) that are generating from particular robotic software. These spam mails having contaminated malicious links like malware, spam etc which polluted your Webmail. A recent survey of an internet service organization based in CA has found out that a hacked computer automatically sends numerous emails to some other users and it causes the infection of the other email users. Subsequently, Gmail temporarily blocked that affected user. Here is an article that explaining you, three easy ways for blocking spam mails. Additionally, if you have a need the service of a technician, contact the Gmail technical support. They are the best guys to resolve the issues in Gmail.

Three Preferable ways to Block Spam mail

Mark It as spam

In the end of year 1999, the email messaging was not familiar as of now. That was the time; the spammers exploit and misuse the email platforms. That time, the spam/junk mail marking action of webmail was not so effective and repeatedly issues are reported from the Gmail platform. That time, the Gmail experimented more ways to secure and block the spam emails and hopefully after 8 years duration of time, they were launched a feature namely ‘Auto classification feature’ which helps to categorize the email as primary, social, updates, etc. But, there are also times the users still receiving UBE emails. On Such a case, use the Spam/Junk feature to block the spam mails. Recently, Gmail introduced a feature namely ‘Block’ which helps to block an email from the malicious links including spam, viruses, etc. However, this feature is only available for Gmail app users.

Avoid sharing Emails

Never share your webmail to any person. If you take a close to look to social sites, online Groups and Forums, we can found out the users shared their email id for various purposes. We can undoubtedly predict that they are not really using a good thing. Some people might have thinking that –a technician from Gmail support will contact me, if I posted my troubleshooting Gmail id in any help forums. To such ones, we want to say that it is really a worst thought. Gmail technical support technicians will not contact you, until the time you are not willing to upgrade to a premium plan.


Identify the fishy emails and mark it as a spam. That is a perfect way to dilute your issue. You can identify the spam email from its content and the domain name. Usually, the spam mails having a specific @customized domain name. Visit that domain, from an ignition window. By that method you can get an overview of the dropped email. Addition to this, you can also get an overview about the inbound email by reading its content. Never trust on the messages that offering you money without any hard work. Also, never share the credentials like email Id, Password, bank account number, social security number, etc over the email. None of the leading companies like yahoo Inc, Microsoft, Hotmail and eBay ask the users to share their information through emails. If you ever received so, then understand that someone is trying to scam you also find contact numbers of top email service provider.

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