AOL Save Email on My PC – How to Copy or Backup AOL Mail on Desktop/Computer?

Why you need Save, Copy or Backup AOL Mail on PC? A number of reasons or thoughts of the user behind this thing but it is very accurate whenever you have lost to your important data, back up or Copy Mail in AOL “Saved on My PC” File, How do I backup my AOL email then it process can help to you. But a number of times you can use this method for the share from an old computer to a new one where you restore them. But worry can be of a new or unknown customer who doesn’t know the way to save the emails from AOL Email account if you are one of them then no stress and solution to your query by reading this helpful article where you will learn the complete process to solution related your trouble.

Easy Way to Backup or Copy Mail in Your AOL Saved on My PC Filing Cabinet

In this practice, you will recognize explanation to Backup or Copy Mail in Your AOL Saved on My PC Filing Cabinet try to follow instructions like

  • First of all look for your computer for a file called your AOL screen name, now find it in a folder called organize. Go to this folder in a straight line.
  • Next go up one directory, to the C_America Online 9.0 folder. Important note: for other versions of AOL, the folder name should be diverse.
  • Later than emphasize the organize folder.
  • After that choose edit, copy from the menu of the window.
  • Then a user can open the desired backup location in explorer.
  • Final Choose Edit, Paste from the menu.

Now you will know a method to backup or cop mail in your AOL saved on PC, for any kind trouble contact to AOL Email Support Experts they will give you the right solution.

Effortless method to recover Mail and Other AOL Data from a “Saved on My PC” Backup

Need the solution to recover Mail and Other AOL Data from a “Saved on My PC” Backup? No worry and try to follow ideas like

  • The first user will sign into AOL Email account with your screen.
  • After make sure AOL is not currently running.
  • You need to find out your computer for a file called .abi.
  • Later than go up one directory from the organize folder.
  • Next user can rename the organize folder “”.
  • After rename the organize folder, you can go up another directory.
  • Subsequently, open the folder the backup copy of your old folder in a new explorer window.
  • Later on highlight the backup folder, Press Ctrl-C.
  • Next switch to the AOL folder windows, after folder containing the folder is called on your system.
  • Now user Press Ctrl-V, Log on to AOL, delete the folder.

I hope you will know and solve to your uncertainty of Recover Mail and AOL Data From “Saved on My PC” Backup, Aol emails saved on my PC, How to Copy AOL Mail to a Desktop for more doubt clear user can get in touch with professional’s specialists.

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