Easy way to delete or remove the Yandex Mail account

If you are using Yandex mail account for mailing or communication with friends and colleagues, you know about some good features of Yandex mail service such as unlimited storage of emails, POP, IMAP, mail filtering. Most of the features of the Yandex email service are beneficial to the users. But sometimes you have to delete the account to save your valuable information to hack. If you have more than one email account and also no use of it, you should delete the account because it is good for you to save information. If you are facing some unwanted activity like spam sending in your email account. You should delete your Yandex account.

We are telling the way to delete the Yandex account in this article. You can easily delete your email account after following some reliable instructions. You can apply all instructions on your Yandex mail account sequentially to delete completely.

  • Navigate to the official web portal of Yandex mail.
  • Login to your Yandex email account which you want to delete or remove.
  • Click on the icon of Yandex mail profile or your email address present on the top-right side corner of the account.
  • Select Passport tab from the list of the menu appears.
  • Click on the Personal information field and follow the instructions to delete Account.
  • Follow the instruction The following Yandex services are currently active on your account.
  • You should copy all the necessary documents or file if it is important.
  • Otherwise, it will erase all the data permanently.
  • Now, you should enter your security question and give the right answer in the suitable fields.
  • Enter the Yandex mail password to verify you are a real user of the Yandex account.
  • Fill right Password of the Yandex account.
  • Fill the letters in the suitable box of captcha image to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Click on the Delete Account button.
  • It will alert you that your account will be deleted. You can click on the Continue button to delete and if you don’t want to delete press the Cancel button.
  • After clicking on the Continue button, your account deletes completely.

After deleting your account nobody will be able to send spam and hack your valuable information because it will delete data permanently. It will not save any information related to your account. No one can login to the account by using the same email address. When anybody tries to log in it will show a message that this email account doesn’t exist.

Note: – If you want to recover your Yandex email account again, you have to follow some necessary steps to recover it. You can recover it within the recovery period after that you can’t recover it.

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