How do you Change your Gmail password on Computer, Android Phone or iPhone?

Gmail solves query of message send and receives to all the people in the whole world. Everyone can join this mail service and access this account from several devices like Computer, Android Phone or iPhone etc. But today, security is very important for every mail account not only Gmail. If you ignore this problem then you will face the biggest hitch in the current and future time. In the previous days, Change Gmail password is a common problem to Gmail customer the main reason behind this error user is facing forgot Gmail password, Gmail account has been hacked, or other password problem that they need help to password change.

Reason to Gmail Password Change

If I am right then every customer want the reason to How can I change my Gmail account password, these are like

  • Some user shares to their account details especially password to anybody.
  • When a customer chooses the simple password he will also create a chance to hack password.
  • If the user doesn’t affect some security tips for account safety.

Ways to generate strong Gmail Account Password or protection tricks

Find out some useful tricks for your Gmail password defense by creating a strong password like

  1. The user can use few numbers, special character, symbol, city or other names for Gmail account password.
  2. If you want secure to your account seriously then change your Gmail password after some days like monthly or yearly.
  3. Be sincerely don’t share your password with any person they can hack your account and it is very unsafe for your account safety.
  4. Check your account movement like which location you are accessing Gmail account, IP, Browser or some others.
  5. If you are using to your Gmail account from outer surface from home or office then whenever you want to exit your account it should be the complete sign-out.

It is a right way to follow instruction for secure Gmail account from anyone, especially from hackers.

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Methods to Change Gmail Password by using the Gmail Website

Learn here process to change Gmail password by using the Gmail website like

  • To begin with open the Gmail website on your web browser.
  • Now type your email id and password, click next to that account who you want to change the password.
  • Next snap the gear button, go to “settings”.
  • At the present user will find out the “accounts and Import tab”.
  • After that click change password.
  • Later user will type the current password.
  • After he will enter a new password, once more new password to confirm it.
  • Subsequently, click on change password.
  • Last sign into Gmail on any device.

It is simple and ordinary solution who use by numerous Gmail customer for change password or how do I recover my Gmail password if I forgot it.

Methods to Change Gmail Password by Using the Google My Account Website

Need the answer to change password of Gmail? Then the user can simply use the Google my account website for change account password by following steps like

  • First of all, go to my account website in your browser.
  • At this time login into Gmail account, you want to change the password.
  • After that click signing into Google.
  • Subsequently, click password, type your password if you encouraged.
  • Now the user will enter new password, once again new password to verify it.
  • Next get on the change password button
  • Finally, the customer can sign reverse into your Gmail account.

Methods to Change Gmail Password by Resetting a Forgotten Password

Whenever the user has forgotten their Gmail password then he first requires help how do I change/reset Gmail password. If you are one of them don’t know procedures then use to following tips like

  • Firstly go the Gmail account support page in your web browser.
  • At the moment enter the email address and password to that Gmail account who you want to change the password.
  • Next type the last password you can remember.
  • Then click attempt a different question if you can’t remember your old account password.
  • Now user can enter the new password, type once again to verify it.
  • Very last click change password.

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Methods to Change Gmail Password by using an Android Device

If you use you any Android device for access/sign into Gmail account then it is very easy and advances way to open Gmail account on this gadget. But current you are looking some kind suspicious activity in their account then you can immediately change your password on this device by following rules like

  1. First, open the setting menu on your Android phone.
  2. Now user can scroll down to the personal section.
  3. Next tap Google, sign in & security.
  4. After that tap password.
  5. Later customer require current password.
  6. Then enter your new password two times to confirm it.
  7. After tap change password.
  8. Final, sign into your account with the new password on your Android device.

Methods to Change Gmail Password by using an iPhone/iPad

If iPhone/iPad users want the explanation to change Gmail password on this device then he can sort out to their problem by simple and accurate ways of solution like

  1. To start with open up any browser on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Next visit to
  3. Then type your password if you know and next create the new password.
  4. The last step, click OK.

These are enough procedures for Change your Gmail password on Computer, Android Phone or iPhone but if you have doubt or want some additional resolution then make sure you can solve to your query with the help of Gmail Technical Support Service Technicians. They will give you instant chance to help with no one waste of time.

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