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Gmail Technical Support Assistance to Create, Edit, Delete or Manage Contact List

Do you encounter trouble in managing your mail account? What bothers you? Are you not much aware about the settings of the webmail or encounter some technical issues in managing your contact list? If so then take a hassle-free read below to overcome any of the complications.

Technical issues in the mail account can be really traumatizing. It can hit your nerve and might leave you completely helpless when you have something really important and urgent to do. If you are facing troubles related to creating, editing, deleting or managing the contact list then follow a simple process here to easily curb all your problems and easily maneuver your account or share details with whomsoever you wish to.

  • 1. Login to your Gmail Account
  • 2. Go to the top left corner and click on drop down to further click on contacts
  • 3. Select the group you would like to edit or delete
  • 4. For creating a new group click on create
  • 5. In case of edit click on more and rename the group after editing the details
  • 6. Enter the new name and enter OK

This simple process above would hands down help you in editing, creating or deleting the group. But in case if you are still facing any trouble in your way of the action above then you can prefer online support providing by Gmail where you can learn different procedure stepwise to solve each issue or Gmail account.

Gmail Technical Support Professionals

The professionals understand that how important it is to reach to your near and dear one thus they provide complete assistance to managing your contact list, log in issues, Gmail setting problems, spams, unable to receive mail, password recovery problems, security and safety setting, importing and exporting contacts and several others. Gmail is providing online customer support where problems are defined category wise also Gmail forum discussion where any user can join it and share their issues with technical experts on Gmail.

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